Reef Fish Identification - Interactive Edition

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Species Browser

The Species Browser - Like the index of a book, the browser displays the contents of the database as a sorted list of species. However this list can be sorted in a number of ways: alphabetical by species, grouped into families, or a listing of the last search results.

Species Description

Detailed descriptions of 842 distinct species - Full details for a particular species are organized on a dedicated page. Includes quick facts, multiple photos, sketch(es), video clips, an audio recording of scientific name, taxonomic breakdown, and detailed scientific descriptions.

Search Engine

Unparalleled search capabilities - Powerful search features allow multi-key searching from over 50 distinct features/traits. For example, you can query "What was the round gray fish with yellow behind its pectoral fins, black speckles, and a compressed body?" The results of a search are returned in the familiar Browser. In addition to a list of perfect matches, ranked lists of close matches are also generated.

Illustrated Glossary

A detailed Illustrated Glossary - Several helpful references are included to supplement the species- and family descriptions of the main database. An illustrated glossary of terms and definitions is helpful when unfamiliar terms appear in the text.

Regional Maps

Regional maps for common dive destinations - Regional maps, organized either alphabetically or in tree format, let you look up those remote Caribbean locations. Other helpful reference supplements include a discussion of scientific naming practices, and a comprehensive bibliography!

Learning Quiz

Quiz yourself or an entire class at any level of difficulty - Learning to identify fish is not just about looking at pictures and reading descriptions. It's also about having good technique, knowing where and how to observe fish, and having a quick eye for detail. The learning tools area includes a fun fish quiz that lets you build your fish ID skills from a novice level to that of an expert ichthyologist. Supplemental case studies and a guide to fish identification technique are also included.

Multimedia Show Designer

A flexible multimedia show designer and player - Being divers, fishwatchers, and photographers, we wanted a way to present a show of the beautiful images that we've collected. That's why we added a full-featured Multimedia Show Designer to the software. You can arrange (and save for future use) any combination of photos, videos, and sketches to be played on your computer's screen with a variety of options.

Sightings Log

A sighting log keeps track of your important finds - An easy-to-use sightings log is also included, letting you keep track of not only which fish you've spotted, but the details for each and every sighting (location, date, life stage, ...).

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