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Sensus Ultra
Dive data recording at a fraction of the cost of a dive computer
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Sensus Ultra is a miniature data recorder that automatically stores depth and temperature profiles for all your dives. It can store 1500 hours of dive data (or more!), and takes just seconds to download to our easy-to-use software. Never enter your dive logs by hand again!

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and other operating systems. Learn more...
Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition
The most comprehensive electronic field guide on CD and DVD
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Now in it's fourth edition, Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition is a fishwatcher's best friend. This electronic field guide covers 842 species found in the waters of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and beyond. Includes thousands of photographs and video clips, interactive learning tools, and a powerful search tool to help you identify your latest "mystery fish".

Compatible with Windows only at this time (DVD versions can be played in any DVD player). Learn more...
H2YO Noisemaker
A cheap, small, and effective underwater signal
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ReefNet's H2YO Noisemaker is the perfect way to get attention underwater. Shake it strongly to get the attention of your entire dive group. Or shake it lightly to just get your buddy's attention. H2YO clips directly to your BC so it can never be forgotten on the boat, and is available with two unique sound options, neither of which will ever be confused with the typical "tank banger".

Can be custom-printed with your logo for resale or as a promotional giveaway! Learn more...
SubSee Magnifier and Adapter
The essential tools for super-macro photography and videography
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ReefNet's SubSee Magnifier is a high-quality close-up lens specifically designed for underwater photographers and videographers. It may be used on its own or mounted in a SubSee Adapter for maximum convenience. Increases the magnification of your camera's lens by up to 3.5x.

Available in multiple powers and compatible with ALL popular housings and ports. Learn more...

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