Reef Fish Identification - Interactive Edition

The most comprehensive electronic field guide on DVD

ReefNet is pleased to announce the enlarged 4th edition of Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition! This exciting update includes over 175 new species, and hundreds of new photos and videos. Available for immediate shipment from our online store.


Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition is the most comprehensive scientific reference of its kind -- the product of nearly 10 years of scientific research, photographic expeditions, and collaboration with academic experts. Whether you're a beginning fishwatcher looking for a learning tool or an ichthyologist looking for an accurate reference, this electronic field guide is for you.

At the core of the Interactive Edition is a database of 842 unique species known to inhabit the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and adjacent waters. Each species is described in meticulous detail and is accompanied by a giant library of visual material:

  • 4500 photos and sketches illustrating important features, markings, colours, etc.
  • 1800 video clips illustrating both typical and unusual behaviours

Several species descriptions now include exclusive "first-ever" photographs and video. A number of previously undescribed species are also documented.

Software Features

Like a traditional field guide, Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition allows you to access data either casually or with purpose. However we've taken advantage of technology to make those tasks a lot more flexible in our software:

  • The species browser is an interactive tree sorted by either common name or by family. Click a species to view a thumbnail image and basic information. Click again to load the complete species profile with multiple images, video, sketches, and detailed text. Use the browser when you know what you are looking for, or if you just want to, well, browse the database.
  • The search engine is a powerful tool that can help you identify a fish based on a few key characteristics. You supply whatever information you can remember (shape, colours, markings, size, habitat, behaviour, etc.) and our software intelligently narrows down the possibilities. The best matches are presented in the species browser for review. You'll never have to skim through every page of your paper field guide again to pin down new fish you've seen.

Detailed sketches identify important markings and features

In addition to the core content, the 4th Edition boasts a number of other interactive learning and entertainment tools. Some of these include:

Advanced fishwatchers and researchers will appreciate the following scientific supplements:

  • Identification keys for problematic families
  • Case studies developed by ReefNet's staff during field research
  • A detailed explanation of the rules of ichthyological nomenclature
  • A complete bibliography

DVD Video Features

Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition can also be played in your set-top DVD player and offers nearly two hours of high-quality digital underwater video. Custom on-screen menus allow you to control a number of playback options:

  • Pick a specific family or species from alphabetical scrolling lists
  • Choose between two soundtracks (music or commentary)
  • Choose from several informative subtitles (common name, scientific name, family, video credit, ...)
  • Access a bonus featurette
  • Watch a video tutorial of the software system

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or higher (including Windows 10)
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 3 GB free disk space
  • DVD drive

How to Purchase

The Interactive Edition is available in our online store and from many of our dealers.

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