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ReefNet is a Canadian corporation that produces scuba-related software and electronics. We began in 1994 by developing a Windows-based dive log program "DiveMaster" and releasing it on the internet as a shareware application. After hundreds of downloads and encouraged by positive feedback, we improved the program by adding to its functionality and incorporating other enhancements suggested by our customers. At Underwater Canada '97 we debuted DiveMaster 2.0 as commercial software. Soon after, a companion program for Palm handheld organizers was added to our catalog.

One of ReefNet's staff members at the 'office'. (photo: Any Wilk)

Although our original shareware program was a dive log, it also included 45 of our Caribbean underwater images, accompanied by scientific descriptions. Many users liked this educational feature and urged us to expand on it. Three years later, after much research, programming, several photo/video shoots, and collaborations with museums, aquariums, and close to 70 underwater photographers, these wishes were answered. Our CD-ROM reference "Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition" is the most comprehensive field guide of its kind.

More recently, we have expanded our product development interests to include electronics for divers. Sensus Ultra is a miniature dive data recorder that stores up to 2000 hours of dive profiles in easy-to-access flash memory. An excellent alternative to expensive dive computer download kits -- and the mediocre software that usually comes with them!

For those interested in purchasing our products, we've made the task safe and easy: our secure Online Store can be accessed 24 hours a day. Your products are shipped quickly, and in your hands within days.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kris Wilk

Kris Wilk
ReefNet Inc.

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