Reef Fish Identification - Interactive Edition

Reviews and Testimonials

Here's what just a few people have to say about Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition from ReefNet:


Dive Training Magazine, June 1999
"An excellent fish education device comes in the form of a CD-ROM from ReefNet Software. Billed as an interactive reference, identification and learning tool, Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition was developed for the description and identification of Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico fishes...This program is ideal for beginning observers who want to identify and learn more about tropical marine fishes, advanced observers in searching for the rarer or more elusive species, and marine life educators (and school teachers) who want an informative and high quality classroom teaching tool."
Southwest Diver Magazine, March 2001
"...ReefNet makes it easy for anybody to use. You go through a large list of species, select the ones you want and view the images, facts and, in some cases, awesome video. Nothing on their browser-type window was difficult to understand or use....Their easy-to-use program allows all your concentration on having fun and the opportunity to learn about more than 500 kinds of marine life. The slide show feature allows your favorite images to continue to entertain and amaze you while you step away from your computer chair. ReefNet's fish software is definitely software to look into. ...Whether you're a diver, marine enthusiast, or just like learning programs, this software offers something for everyone."
REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation), December 2000
"Hot off the Canadian press is a new CD-ROM that brings fish identification and learning to a new level. Reef Fish ID: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Interactive Edition is truly an amazing compilation of images and programming...One of the most interesting features is the slide show program. This function allows the user to designate any combination of species to include in a presentation. The feature can be extremely useful for practicing your identification of select species."


Dr. John E. Randall, Ichthyologist (Bishop Museum, Honolulu)
"A highly impressive new entry in the field of fish-watching aids. Comprehensive, informative, meticulous in its detail, and fun to use."

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